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Tx party

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This page belongs to the Framework for all partner-related issues project (category Project)
Components of the Party Information Framework
Core tx_party | View tx_party_view | Syncronizing tx_party_sync | Reporting tx_party_reporting | Migration tx_party_migration


This is an extension. The core is the base for all other party extensions. It contains only the model (with the exception of the basic backend-module). The model is basically an object-oriented API (based on lib/div) to access all data and methods of the framework.


  • Franz Holzinger

It is originally been developed by David Brühlmeier.

--Franz Holzinger 11:42, 3 April 2011 (CEST)

Download and Wiki

Forge Site of the Party Extension


  • Phase 1
    • Object-oriented model based on div2007 (formerly lib/div), using OASIS standards (xPIL and xNAL)
    • General Backend-Module (basic, other extension can hook in)
    • Basic methods for sync services
    • Evaluation services
    • Extended list module (e.g. tree view of party-information)
    • Extensibility
    • Phasing, Undo functions
  • Phase 2
    • Logging (based on TYPO3 standard)
  • Phase 3 or later
    • Alternative data sources
    • API through web services
    • Support workspaces
    • Data integrity checks, configurable
    • Detailed user rights management, e.g. only certain fields, only within own organization, depending on the context, etc. Also for the Frontend.

Work Packages

The Party Information Framework shall be a team effort. Now that the base model is available, it's time to start working on parallel packages. The following list shows the todos. Each bullet is a task which can be realized on its own.

If you are interested in helping out, please put your name on the tasks which you would like to complete and inform the team by posting a message on the ECT list. You are of course also invited to add additional tasks.


  • After completion of OASIS xPIL Version 3: Re-check the whole database model to comply with the standard
  • Build model using div2007
  • Backend search form, optimized for usability
  • Ajax-based lookups which can be integrated to the TYPO3 core (especially for IRRE n:m relationships)
  • Extend model for additional functionality, like searching, etc.
  • Build formatter for PDF (e.g. using fpdf), Excel (using the XML format), CSV, xPIL/xNAL, VCF
  • Implement IRRE (Inline Relational Record Editing) functionality
  • Dynamic lookups for the type-fields
  • Use API from lookups from static_info_tables, including hotlists
  • Build dynamic labels (label_user_func) for all relevant tables
  • Solve date-issue for dates beyond UNIX time range (e.g. birth dates), ideally with a solution that can make it to the TYPO3 core
  • Advanced navigation (e.g. extend the page tree to navigate party-records or relationship trees)
  • AJAX for lookup of postal codes (e.g. Swiss postal codes are online)
  • Build unit-tests, with prio 1 on the model


  • Dave: Build add-on for static_info_tables with a static_markets table (according to ISO10383), including a utility to update the records
  • Dave: Create test data with more than 1,000 parties and multi-national data. This will serve as the base for fixtures, unit-testing and proving that the extension is able to handle a mid-size environment. Dave can help with a flatfile of a lot of synthetic parties from Switzerland.

External Ressources

  • The most current code is available in the Forge project in Subversion: [1]
  • Current class model (version 0.30) (PNG)