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Tx party view

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This page belongs to the Framework for all partner-related issues project (category Project)
Components of the Party Information Framework
Core tx_party | View tx_party_view | Syncronizing tx_party_sync | Reporting tx_party_reporting | Migration tx_party_migration


This is an extension. This extension is the 'View' layer of the framework. It contains the view- and controller functions. It can be used to display party-data in the Frontend, but it also contains all the rendering methods e.g. to render an address in a country-specific way.


  • Sven Kalbhenn, sven(at)


  • Phase 1
    • Basic view for the frontend
  • Phase 2
    • Most frequent renderings
    • Rendering of addresses for Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Phase 3 or later
    • Rendering of addresses for other countries

Work Packages

The Party Information Framework shall be a team effort. Now that the base model is available, it's time to start working on parallel packages. The following list shows the todos. Each bullet is a task which can be realized on its own.

If you are interested in helping out, please put your name on the tasks which you would like to complete and inform the team by posting a message on the ECT list. You are of course also invited to add additional tasks.


  • Sven: Build a basic view as a prototype to test the MVC architecture
  • Build a nice frontend for viewing and editing party information, using the model
  • Provide several ready-to-use templates
  • Advanced field-visibility concept (maybe tx_partner can serve as a conceptual source). The basic idea is that not everybody can see everything. A full-blown concept would be the one used by Xing.