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Hi guys,

if you want the new to look better, go ahead and improve the CSS.

Below you'll find all the CSS files for public editing.

Please be aware that others might be editing the CSS at the same time, so there might be conflicts when you save.

I suggest you use the "Edit CSS" option of the Firefox web developer toolbar [1] to apply all the CSS that you'll find in the wiki to the live site. Having the web developer toolbar installed, just browse to, click "Edit CSS" in the web developer toolbar, paste all CSS that you find on the wiki into there, and play around with the CSS, then put your results back into the wiki.

If the result is any good and the original developer of the template agrees, the new CSS will be used to as soon as possible.

Proposed CSS files




Go edit them!

Dynamically including CSS from the wiki as files

I hope this little skript does the trick and gives selfcontained help where necessary.


$action = substr($_SERVER['PATH_INFO'],1);
$script = $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"];

$help = '
The CSS is extracted from the WIKI. <a href="">See here</a>.</p>
<li><a href="' . $script .'/typo3.all-main.css">' . $script .'/typo3.all-main.css</a></li>
<li><a href="' . $script .'/">' . $script .'/</a></li>
<li><a href="' . $script .'/newsimporter.css">' . $script .'/newsimporter.css</a></li>
<li><a href="' . $script .'/print.css">' . $script .'/print.css</a></li>
<p>(Include this script as CSS-file by calling it with the scripts name as PATH_INFO to the php file.)</p>


if($action == 'typo3.all-main.css'){
     $file = '';     
}elseif($action == ''){
  $file = '';
}elseif($action == 'newsimporter.css'){
  $file = '';
}elseif($action == 'print.css'){
  $file = '';
}else {
  print $help;

if($file && is_array($FILE = file($file))){
  $file = join('', $FILE);

$pattern = '/<pre>(.*)<\/pre>/is';

if(preg_match($pattern, $file, $matches)){
  print $matches[1];
  print '<p>ERROR: The CSS in the wiki needs to be wrapped by pre-Tag.</p>';