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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Neos-Development (category Neos development team)


Working features

  • Login (Tested with Selenium)
  • Logout
    • Todo: move button to it's designed position
  • Management view
    • Tree
    • Content pane
  • Adding content
    • Insert text
    • Insert section
    • Insert demo registration
  • Edit content
    • Edit text
    • Edit HTML
  • Edit Page Properties (Tested with Selenium)
  • Create page on a position
  • Delete page

Broken features

  • Aloha
    • Position of aloha isn't right the first time you double click an element in your session
  • Adding content
    • Latest tweets shows plugin on whole content window (but it's added to the page)
    • The loading indicator only appears after enabling the edit mode twice:
  • Create page
    • Dragging 'add new page here' does not feel intuitive
  • Moving pages does not work?
  • Moving content
    • Drop zones are to small to test, but are visible during drag & drop
    • Freshly created elements cannot be dragged

Under review

Missing features

  • It should be prevented that forms (like create page / delete page) can be submitted twice
  • it is not possible yet to add a new element after an HTML element, this needs to be solved concept-wise.
  • placeholders when content is empty

Need JavaScript tests

  • BreadCrumbMenu
  • Inserting content elements
  • Content editor frontend(s)