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Usability Tasks

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This page belongs to the Human-Computer-Interaction - Team (category HCI)

This page should be a list what we actually CAN do about the usability issues. It should also be a place for the community to see what the status of these projects are right now.

Usability no-brainers

What can I do when I have just little time?

Pick a topic from the no-brainers page that has itched you for a long time, open up a bug in the bugtracker and post the link to the bugtracker right here, so people see what you are developing right now.

No-brainers / small projects that can be almost coded right away

No-brainers that are worked on right now or already fixed but not in core yet

No-brainers that are already finished

Bigger tasks / Usability Projects

Please add your own projects here...

Code-Highlighting for TypoScript Editors

  • Thomas Hempel and Tobias Liebig already started to take the CodePress editor, first beta versions available, please see the HCI-List for discussions etc.

One Search to Find them All (OSFA) - Backend Search

Benjamin Mack took this task, the wish to do this came from Andreas Balzer. Although in an early planning phase, the goal is to replace the search on the bottom and have a "find-as-you-type" like solution, with Ajax and all the bells-and-whistles. Coding phase will be summer 07, and the timeline is to release it as an extension and integrate it later on into the Core with 4.2 or 4.3 (whether the Core-Team likes it or not ;-)).

Install Tool 2.0

See Install-Tool_2.0

Dashboard / Backend Start page

See Alternative_starting_page


We need something completely new, maybe this can be coupled with the 5.0 development. Please see the Usability_No-brainers#Forms for information. Contact the 5.0 team or kasper if you want to help planning on coding.