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Video Team

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This page belongs to the Video team project (category Project)

T3CON Video Team 2014

  • Stefan Busemann (headmaster)

Please apply, if you like to support the video team at the T3CON 2014


Contact for T3CON Organisation

Juliane Steinmetz Tel. +49 40 1 8888 99 10


Planned for Tuesday 16:00 in the Hotel

Recording at Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

We will meet Friday at 8:00 o'clock to prepare everything.


Room 1

  • Mac: macbook pro - Stefan
  • Monitor: stefan!
  • Cam1 HD: HD: Stefan Busemann / incl. tripod
  • Cam2: Suitcase 1 ink. remote tripod

Room 2

  • Mac: MacPro - Stefan Busemann
  • Monitor: stefan!
  • Cam1 suitcase 2
  • Cam2: missing

Room 3

  • Mac: missing
  • Cam1: Suitcase 3
  • Cam2: missing


  • Macbook (Felix)
    • encoding right after the recordings
    • uploading
    • sharing the files in the local wifi

Ideas & Plans

We want to record all tracks as usual



  • Is this a official channel?
  • Can we gain access somehow?
  • Or should we better create a dedicated t3con12de channel?


Our documentation files can be found at our dropbox. If you want to access them, please contact Stefan Busemann

Recordings online

Broken Videos

none so far

History: Video Team 2010 in Frankfurt Video Team 2011 in Hanau Video Team 2012 in Stuttgart Video Team 2013 in Stuttgart