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Wec map

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Extension detail information
wec_map/ wec_map
This extension shows the map for a real address, different kind of maps
documentation state [[:Category:|]] [[Category:]] document state list
licence OCL
usergroups list of usergroups
author(s) webempoweredchurch, Christoph Koehler, Jan Bartels
TER category

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Development: see wec_map on forge (SVN download & contributions, wishlist, bugtracker)


wec_map 2.0.0. RC1: In the mode "Table Map" the title for the sidebar is taken from the title-field of the selected database-table. If a table doesn't have a title-field you can change the label via TypoScript. For fe_users you should use "name" instead of "title".

database TypoScriptsetting
Wec map 2.0.0RC1 fe users.png
plugin.tx_wecmap_pi1.sidebarItem.10.field = name
plugin.tx_wecmap_pi2.sidebarItem.10.field = name
plugin.tx_wecmap_pi3.sidebarItem.10.field = name