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Wiki Migration to

This describes how migration of some pages from to could be done. (This does not mean that everything will and must be migrated!)

General information

What should be migrated?

Here are some issues with lists of Wiki pages that have already been identified and could be moved:

How to migrate?

  • review information in Wiki. Is there any content that should be saved: move it to an existing manual on
  • is the text up to date and still relevant?
  • take care not to bloat existing content: keep it short and to the point, make it easy for people to find relevant information. We do not have to consider every edge case!

When you are done migrating

  • remove existing content in Wiki page, but keep the page
  • add a link to new content

Example: The content on this page was moved to the [ Official TYPO3 Contribution Guide - Core Development]

  • Add the {{delete}} tag: this marks the page as a candidate for removal

Where can I ask questions?

  • Come to Slack channel #typo3-wiki (Register for Slack to talk about Wiki
  • Get help for writing for in #typo3-documentation Slack channel.