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Wiki News

Here you will find all news articles pubished since the start of the TYPO3 wiki. This news cover everything about TYPO3 documentation. Feel free to add news articles. You can also post your news in the TYPO3-Documentation-Project news group and we will create the article for you.

Extension Development using flexforms

April 18, 2005

If you are a developer wishing to use Flexforms for your plugin configuration, or you just want more information regarding this amazing feature of Typo3, read the page Using Flexforms. It covers everything you need to get your extension up and running with Flexforms!

--Joshua Preston 11:56, 18 Apr 2005 (CEST)

Wiki structure rewriting

November 13th 2004

The DocTEAM is improving Wiki structure usability. We have opened a discussion for that in the Wiki itself: DocTeam/Meetings. We hope that it will soon raise a new really good document presentation. Your suggestion are welcome, leave a note on the Talk page.

-- DocTEAM.

SPAM control

22th Ocotober 2004

TYPO3Wiki has now a configuration setting to take care of Wiki SPAM. The MediaWiki engine offer a nice spam control system, based on regexp. If you see spam on page, please report it in the TYPO3-Documentation-Projet mailing list. If you experience difficulty to enter text in the Wiki it may also be a spam control configuration problem, please report it.

-- DocTEAM.


14th October 2004

The Glossary as been imported into the Wiki. Since a few days the Glossary Document is available in the Wiki. This document regroup TYPO3 common terms and accronym definition.

Your are invited to complete any definition if you have the knowledge. If you have a question, use the Faq instead. The Glossary document format should be keep, so be carefaul to copy to content to keep the same wiki formatting.

-- DocTEAM

New Main Page and stucture

10th October 2004

The new main page is in place, comming with a new site structure and some new updated documentation goals.

During the first month of the Wiki setup, we have noticed a lot of potential in this tools and also made test and error aproach.

Now we plan to take over any TYPO3 documentation related Topic. So here is the Main Page and the Wiki structure explained.

-- DocTEAM

TYPO3 wiki up and running

In the last few weeks we have setup The TYPO3 Wiki website to permit everyone to participate to the documentation effort. This new tool gives everyone the ability to share his/her knowledge of TYPO3. It’s a unique chance to give back to the community and build a “bottom to the top” new documentation body.

The base structure is up and running, with sections for projects and different documents. In the project section, we offer developers to have a place to put code snippets, todo lists, bug reports, change logs and things like that. Here you have a great place to gather a team of developers and make that extension you always wanted.

In the documentation section we already have 4 main areas:

  • Installation
  • Users/Editors
  • Administrators
  • Developers

And links to most of the already existing documents on are also integrated. Now we’re looking for editors to start writing on some of the documents in progress or any topic where you feel that *YOU* can add valuable input.

Look at the About the Documentation wiki page for even more information. To discuss about documentation topics, you are invited to join us on the documentation newsgroup.

Go ahead, browse the wiki, discuss in the newsgroup and make it happen! Many people with small contributions can make a big difference!

The whole DocTEAM, 5 july 2004