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org.TYPO3-wiki: wiki-node

Welcome to the TYPO3 Wiki-Node! The working language here is English.

Sights in this wiki

This wiki's primary focus is to write new TYPO3 documentation-manuals by Teamwork, see the Teams and Projects.

For germans: The wiki hosts the wiki-version of the german TSref (TypoScript-Reference)

In several languages the wiki hosts a TypoScript-introduction: english 45 minutes TypoScript - german 45 Minuten TypoScript - dutch 45 Minuten TypoScript - french Apprendre TypoScript en 45 minutes.

Most important pages: Main_Page, RecentChanges, Teamwork


The concept of "WikiNode"

The wiki-nodes connect wikis. An older concept was the "TourBus". The first wiki was started 1995 by Ward Cunningham (C2, see above).

Read more about it in the CommunityWiki