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Wink flashvideos

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Wink is a very nice program to creating videos and demonstrations in Flash. It's name is Wink and it is free of charge. See how Wink works:

Better than videos?

Wink really seems to be very well suited to create tutorials, better than videos IMHO. I especially like the feature, that the animation stops on text boxes (by default), so that the viewer has all the time he/she needs to understand, what is intended and what happens. With traditional videos and sound, when something goes too fast for the viewer, he/she has a hard time to repeat the right sequence.

Get it, test it, judge it!

If you want to test Wink for yourself, just download the latest version from the official Wink Homepage. Currently, the Wink editor runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux (requiring GTK 2.4), the generated Flash movies are of course platform independant.

Although Wink offers a very intuitive GUI, newbies (and advanced users) might look for help in the Wink UserForum.

Capture size

Use a capture size visible in most browsers (especially free Opera with the advertising banner puts a height limit). As the TYPO3 backend hardly fits into 800x600 I used 1024x768 screen resolution. Then a capture size of 990x560 should not be exceeded.

(Kasper captured all videos with 800x600 I think. But he used the "condensed menu". You can enable this in the setup of your user account. Maybe try this first.)

Using the mouse...

When clicking somewhere and moving the mouse somewhere else over the new content, follow this procedure for a nicely animated tutorial

  1. wait until the tooltip/title content becomes visible
  2. take a shot, which captures the tooltip then
  3. click and wait, until all changing content was rendered; don't move the mouse yet or only slightly
  4. take a second shot (with the new content and the mouse still at the click position)
  5. move the mouse to the next position of interest
  6. take a third shot

... and edit the tutorial accordingly

Later, when editing the tutorial:

  1. put a textbox on the frame with the first shot explaining why the viewer should click that spot, the animation will stop there, until the viewer understood and is ready to continue
  2. put no textbox on the second shot, but instead a reasonable delay (0.5 - 1 sec, depending on the distance the mouse moves). In the finished animation the mouse will now move from the click spot to the new place of interest _over the new content_
  3. put a textbox on the third shot explaining the meaning of the new location of interest or the next action/click to carry out. The finished animation will stop here again

If you leave out the second shot (as I did in my tuts) the animation will look unnatural: the mouse moves for a second over the _old_ content, then suddenly the new content will become visible with the mouse already at the new location of interest.