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Strange logout-behaviour?

It might be the case that your internet connection is renewed and you got a new IP address. Use the option "Disable IP lock for user" in the "User Administration" in the backend.

You get Errors like "Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result"?

Often a crashed mysql table (e.g. the cache table) is the reason; run "mysqlcheck -r" on the database and clear the cache to fix the problem.

I've seen this error message when trying to fetch rows from a null resultset. Now I check the value returned by exec_SELECTquery before calling sql_fetch_assoc on it.

How to set the default for new links to NOT open a new Window?

 styles.content.links.extTarget = _blank" = _self" class="int-link

Yes, the quotation-marks are intentional, copy the sample verbatim to the constants section of the template on the root page.

How can users other than the admin clear the cache?

Put the following code into the TSconfig of the User/Group which should have clear cache enabled:

 options.clearCache.pages = 1

This will bring up a pull-down box in the page-module; to enable the full clear cache use:

 clearCache.all = 1

How to clear the cache for a pages X,Y when changes in a sysfolder Z?

Put the following code into the TSconfig of the sysfolder-Page Z, 274,279 are examples for page-IDs X and Y:

 TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = 274,279

Setting a different language does not work (e-g month names in news)?

Make sure you have the correct locales on your system (e.g. for debian use "dpkg-reconfigure locales") and specify the correct locale explicity (see example below):

 config.locale_all = de_DE.ISO8859-15@euro

How to set default rights/groups when creating pages

Put like this in the root (well, some page) of your tree to have specific groups/rights for all new pages inside this tree/branch. Be sure to look up the meaning of the "group" property in the tsconfig reference manual.

 TCEMAIN.permissions.groupid=38 = 31