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The purpose of this draft tutorial is to give new TYPO3 users first hand advice from another novice. Try to follow it step by step and let me know if something does not work out as expected.

Sample Configuration

Set up a very basic TYPO3 driven site using these samples.

Feedback: tell me what's missing

  • enter your suggestions here..
  • The css-Styles and the *.html-files mentioned in the template setup-script would be nice to be present for the unexperienced user
  • I'm sorry... This is a tutorial? In what sense? You have a link to a bunch of HTML? It's a template? What? How? When? Where? Without any introduction to anything, you dump some template code on the screen? This is supposed to help the new TYPO3 user how? Hard to tell you what's missing. In the proclaimed context, there's nothing present. Sorry.
    • You're right. The author should put some more work in it before it can help others. I switch it to "draft". kind regards, DocTeam, --Daniel Brüßler 16:24, 2 October 2006 (CEST)