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notice - This information is outdated

While some details may still apply in specific situations, this page was written for packages of TYPO3 that are no longer current.

These are IMHO the most useful extensions for almost every site, install them via the Extension Module:

  • CSS styled content (css_styled_content) - who would create a site without css nowadays?
  • Static File Edit Static_File_Edit - extremly handy for those "last minute template/css file changes"
  • Indexed Search Engine (indexed_search) - fast- and nice search result output, too
  • Different Linklayout (dh_linklayout) - prefix external, file or email-links with small icons
  • RTE: HTML-Area (rte_pb_htmlarea) - see: /ChoosingTheBestRTE
  • Page Title Changer (mf_pagetitle) - you need this plugin in order to customize the browser window title - no you don't - smurfslay provided another solution: Xris:ChangePageTitle
  • Top Content (gst_topcontent) - "News" without the manual labour- just edit your content
  • Searchbox for Indexed Search Engine (macina_searchbox) - if you need a small searchform on every page

If you plan on using multiple languages, be sure to include the appropriate plugins, e.g.:

  • TS Language, German (ts_language_de) - why?