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YAIE :: Yet Another Installation Experience

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Please feel welcome, even encouraged, to correct and improve this content.

platform: linux/Debian as host admin
audience: experienced host/root admin, login shell/hosting account user


  • As host admin (root),
    • install and configure prerequisite packages
    • create a base location for the Typo3 core into your location of choice. (i.e. /usr/share/typo3_core}
    • the webserver must be able to read from, but does not require to write to, this directory tree. Set ownership and permissions accordingly.
    • download the "source" tar (i.e. typo3_src-4.2.1.tar.gz} into this directory and unpack it. It's possible, perhaps even ineviatable, that you will have multiple core versions in this location concurrently.
      • ensure webserver read permissions.
      • publish this location so that your users may link to it. (i.e. /usr/share/typo3/latest). Since only the webserver will follow this link, an http alias could be used if you prefer (I think; haven't tested).
    • Provide database and database user:password for those login accounts which will install typo3 sites.
    • Set up the dummy package as a shell user (below) and run the installer in order to confirm properly configured LAMP components.
  • As a shell user (regular login account),
    • download the dummy, or some other prepared, package into your document root (i.e. ~/public_html/). It will (should) unpack (tar zxf ...) into its own subdirectory.
    • enter into this directory, and change the symlink for typo3_src to the location provided by your host admin (above).
    • ensure webserver can read typo3_src and read/write to everything else

It's that simple; from there just follow the instructions in the README.txt and INSTALL.txt files.

I have more detail to come, but wanted to get something up here so that our friendly wiki admins and moderators don't freak out :)