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Zap The Gremlins

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This page belongs to the Bugfixing team (category BugfixingTeam)


Oliver Hader, Ben van 't Ende


  • have a Zap the Gremlins session again (the last one was for TYPO3 4.0)
  • select a location that allows one to concentrate on coding and working
  • select some (5-10) (core-) developers that will participate
  • duration 4-7 days

  1. ask the community for bugs/gremlins that need to be fixed
  2. select form that list, create estimates and possibly find sponsors
  3. recruit the developers

A good date for this would be the mid or end of March 2010 - after the first beta version of TYPO3 4.4.

All gremlins will come from Dmitry is sponsored by Snowflake to develop an extension to show these gremlins and their status on the Zap The Gremlins website.


Old Zap The Gremlins page: